Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lots of lovely things

I have found this most amazing children's store called Chick Pea. I love the photo's on their website. So I went along for the Santa shoot and had Christmas pictures taken at their store. I will post pictures I have through the blogs. Also, check out the blog link at Chick Pea Kids website, it is the best way to find out their latest products. There are lots of great toys and clothing for my little girls. A little expensive but well thought out products, tried and tested I would imagine. I love their books, their clothing choices and teaching customers how to knit lovely baby clothes. I am so impressed by the store that I would love to set one up for myself. My husband, who owns Disinct PR could do my marketing and PR, his business likes to work with start up companies.

Running my own business (again) appeals to me. Food for thought.
PS: This photo appeared on Chick Pea website Dec 2008. Merry Christmas

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