Saturday, December 6, 2008

To push or not to push that is the question

As a Christmas present I have purchased the Phil and Ted Sport stroller so I can take both the girls out for walks. I was using the Chariot Cougar 1 for Melissa and carrying Victoria in the baby carrier but she is getting too heavy hence the new stroller.

I love my golden coloured Chariot because I get to go jogging with it, I can attach it to the bike or attach the stoller wheels to go shopping with it but the double chariot would have been too big for such activities. Besides Melissa is getting bigger and come next year I am sure she will want her own bike.

As for the Phil and Ted stroller, I had to put it together last night. The picture instructions were black and white so they were hard to follow. Anyway I got there and it is ready to rock and roll.

I used the P&T today (in the rain). It is a well designed buggy and is surprisingly compact. I like the sport model because you can lock the wheel which is useful on uneven terrain. The front wheel unlocks for easy use around corners and getting around the shops. The rain cover has been designed to clip on the front so if it is windy it can not blow up and nicely covers the back seat too. The storage compartment can still be used with a baby but once the child is bigger it is a waste of space other than keeping the child's feet from dragging on the floor. You can buy side bags but personally it is a gimmick and prefer not to buy them unless you really, really need them.

I wish I had bought the P&T when I had had Melissa. It grows with your first child and then your next. It is a fabulous investment. In the long run it would have saved us a lot of money. Problem is when I say great investment I mean it's expensive. Thankfully our family has contributed money towards this great stroller.

Having said that the Chariot is a lot smoother and easier to handle on rough terrain however I found it too big and clunky for the shopping centres (malls). If you are seriously sporty the Chariot is for you. The chariot has a great storage compartment away from kids and easy to access. Attachments can be purchased with this stroller, you can go skiing (cross country skiing), jogging, cycling, hiking and strolling with it. I can not say enough about it but again it is a huge investment and they hold their price should you want to sell it.

All in all I like to push!

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