Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Organic Toys

The eagerness for being greener has started off with a bang. I have sorted vigurously through the recycling and made sure we use the green bin, blue bin and garbage appropriatley. The girls have a few toys I purchased from the local store which are organic in everyway. The soft MiYim toys are adoroable using organic materials and colouring. Victoria has a stroller toy, a soft blue elephant which she can squeeze to hear it sqeak and touch its ears to hear the russeling. I got both the girls a Fairytale plush toy each, baby pink bunny named Victoria and a pink hippo which name is missing!

Melissa is into elephants, bunnies and trains, so I have a few books with elephants and bunnies and she has a wooden toy train that has been painted with non-toxic paint.

Victoria has Sophie the Giraffe made by Vulli. It is toxic free and she can wrap her fingures around the neck and legs with ease. Vulli have started to increase their product line which is great news.

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