Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring has Sprung

I am enjoying the sunny weather and the longer days and enjoying taking the kids outside. I have been using my bike more too and attaching the chariot to tow my almost 3 year old. It certainly gives me a workout! Melissa is enjoying pre-school and is coming on leaps and bounds and can count up to 10 and do ABC. Victoria is teething more and more and has another tooth coming through, she is almost on the verge of crawling too and her lovely chubby baby body is slimming and getting longer and her features are peering through.

We have been to Deep Cove a few times, Melissa likes the kids park and looking at the sea. Victoria likes to roll on the grass and mum and dad enjoy a donut and coffee.

I am still job hunting which is saying something because it does not take me long to get work but this time has been hard work. I have been having interviews but not enough experience here or too much there so am a little concerned however we do have plans in place should I not get work by the end of May. The recession has hit us hard lets say!!!