Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bucket/wish List


1. To complete a marathon
2. To complete a triathlon
3. Keep fit generally
4. Do yoga
5. Lots of fun bike rides with the family


1. To own a small holding (live in the countryside)
2. To see my kids grow and their kids
3. To cycle to work
4. To be 'greener'
5. Less stress in life
6. Financially secure
7. To be happy and healthy
8. Grow old disgracefully
9. Grow more herbs and veg, eat organic
10. Cook more organic food take a cookery class too
11. Hope and pray my girls find a decent man
12. To see my girls grow strong and be strong
13. Do lots of family activities
14. Get my husband away from the computer
15. Keep and live in my house in BC
16. Get a stable job
17. Get my folks and brother to move out to BC


1. To have a less violent world
2. Substainable living
3. See less cars on the road (that includes you America)
4. Better public transport
5. More car free cycling zones
6. Be happy
7. Stop computer and console games
8. Move quickly out of the recession
9. Ensure water and food is available to all
10. Reduce the amount of waste


1. To spend a romantic long weekend in Provence
2. See Paris more and learn French
3. Visit Italy
4. Spend lots of money in New York
5. See the Gorillas
6. See the African wildlife
7. Take the kids to Disney World
8. Do Las Vegas (baby)

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