Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer anyone?

Spring has sprung and summer is nearer. We have had the paddling pool out and the toys are outside being played with. The BBQ has been used a few times and hopefully I few more to come. Bathroom renovations are underway, 3 to do! We seem to spend a lot of time renovating. Baby Victoria is coming on leaps and bounds, Melissa just gets taller and loves to talk and play. She helped me to bake cupcakes today and they tasted great.
No luck on the job front so it looks like plan B will be put into place sooner than later. Sigh!


Tom Baker said...

Whoosh!! Blast from the past !! Don't ask how i stumbled on this page.Glad to see you're doing so well and your right you have a beautiful family.Health and happiness to all you love.Especially your mum- she was cool.Too weird eh???

If you are not the artist formally known as Tolley I apologize for wasting your valuable job seeking time .But in an insincere way

Steph said...

OK Tom, how on earth do you know me? And yes I am the artist formally knows as Tolley. Very curious, how exciting :).