Saturday, November 13, 2010


The cold is setting in and I am feeling the cold. I love spring and autumn but summer can be too hot and winter too cold. I am not complaining as long as we get snow but wet winters chill me through to the bone.

Melissa has been taking skating lessons and is doing very well. Not sure I can warrant buying her the gear but so far she is loving it, she is also going to be taking swimming lessons so we shall see what she likes the most, either way she has to learn to swim.

As for me, Bikram yoga is on hold, not good since it was keeping me away from fatty foods and sitting on my butt all day long. I have however, started painting again which is preventing boredom setting in.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hallowe'en this year was so much fun. I had to make an outfit for Melissa to attend school in, she was a Pirate but on the actual night for trick or treating she wanted to be a Princess and Victoria was a Fairy Princess, she wanted to be a Princess but I had to use the wings I had bought so she compromised, as 2 year olds do.

We went around the local neighbourhood where we saw other families with their children dressed up in their fabulous outfits. It was so nice to see people having fun and saying hello as we walked by. Seldom does that happen these days. It was like a community event, then as we were knocking on the well decorated exterior houses, we saw hundred of geese flying overhead, I supsect they were migrating for the winter and who can blame them?

It was my kids first time trick or treating and my first time ever, I have to say I can not wait for next year.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I loved English when I was at school until I met Mrs Powell in my 3rd year or Grade 9, as it is commonly known these days, my formative years.

Day one of English class and being introduced to my new English teacher went something like this:
Dulce decorum esque by Owen. We were sitting at a table of four we were handed a poem, I, being me, skim read it. I looked around while others were sitting in silence and I was wondering why everyone was still reading it. I spoke to my friend next to me, asking what she thought the poem was about...Instantly I was seen as the trouble maker and was told to shut up and to read the poem. That day onwards Mrs Powell and I had an understanding, we did not like each other.

I must state that I was never a trouble maker at school, NEVER. But for whatever reason she had decided instantly that I was to be disliked and downgraded for my efforts. It did not stand me in good stead, in fact it made life that little more challenging and my academic confidence had knocked me back a peg or two.

I loved English and I wanted to take this further after school but the influence I had received from my teacher made matters difficult and I had decided that I was not good enough to do English. If I had tried harder and put the effort in I would have been an A grade student instead I came out with an unforgivable C, and I partly blame my teacher for knocking the confidence out of me.

Thanks to Mrs Powell I have never forgotten and never forgiven. Bad teachers sadly are remembered particularly since they can influence your future decisions.

Have you experienced a bad teacher that influenced your life?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's October!

It's official, Autumn has arrived, the nights are colder and the mornings are brisk. I am lucky though, October can be warm here in B.C. and the beautiful colours of nature are vibrant. However, with the cold brings illness, flu, coughs, sneezes, sleepless nights. Let's look on the bright so though, it will be, Thanks Giving, then Hallowe'en and Christmas will fast approach.

The turkey has been ordered for Thanks Giving, and food will be a plenty, not sure what dessert will appear on our menu, perhaps apple crumble (without the over seasoned cinnamon they insist using in Canada) and custard, certainly not a tradition in North America but who cares, it is damned tasty.

Hallowe'en will be filled with dressing up, kids crafts and making treats as well as trick or treating. Even though Hallowe'en was something that my parents insisted that I did not participate in, or at least not banging on doors for treats, it is fun here and very welcomed. If you are not welcome you know this as the light outside of the house is turned off, so there is a system to it. Furthermore, you know if teenagers come around trick or treating they are doing for the fun of it all, and not to come and mug you (unlike in the UK) - it is innocent and children today are told to grow up too quick so I do not begrudge teenagers getting in the last bits of their childhood.

Christmas this year will be lots of fun. I am hoping family will fly over and spend sometime with us. If this is not the case a trip to New York maybe more appropriate. I would love to go to NY, Christmas is such a big deal out there, not unlike London, big cities are fun, I wonder what Paris would be like at this time of year? Beautiful no doubt. Paris being another fave place of mine.

All in all this time of year may be cold but presents loads of fun.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My kids are into Tinkerbell and last weekend we made a fairy house, made with feathers and colourful flowers.

It needs to go outside at the bottom of the garden but the weather is unpredictable so I am a little reluctant to spoil the fairy house.

Here is a side profile of the little creation.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Goal Setting

I am sharing my goals plan for the next 10 years. I will revisit it in 6 months time and see where I am with it. Reassessing goals is necessary.

1 year plan
  • Do Bikram yoga for at least 6 months
  • Try Hatha Power Yoga and continue with Bikram
  • Change Career Path and a position allowing me to work from home
  • Run a successful business
  • Spend more time with the kids
  • Sell house for profit
  • Financially stable
  • Move back to UK
  • Be close to friends and family
  • Get back into running

5 year plan
  • Own a house in the english countryside
  • Own a dog, Shiloh Shepherd or two
  • Get the girls into dance and martial arts classes
  • Kids in good schools
  • A Millionaire
  • Actually have family holidays 2-3 times a year
  • Keep up the yoga and fitness regime
  • Look after my health
  • Financially sound goes hand in hand with being a millionaire

10 year plan
  • Mortgage free
  • Travel
  • Multi-millionaire
  • Keep up with fitness
  • Stay healthy
  • Focus on kids and their education and support them all the way

Friday, September 17, 2010

Girls 2 and 4

My girls are now 2 and 4, my wonderful, lovely, mischievous girls who on occasions drive me up the wall. I cannot get Melissa to smile properly for the camera so trying to find a photo of them both smiling is near impossible so this is the best I could come up with.

Melissa had her birthday in summer and Victoria just turned two. They are getting very excited for Hallowe'en and are deciding what they should wear, Melissa wants to be Red Boots from the Backyardigans, Victoria has yet to voice her opinion but I have an excellent frilly dress or chicken outfit for her. Come what may I am not going to hear the end of it if I do not take them trick or treating and I also have to go pumpkin patch picking with them.

I think I will be the one having all the fun.

Social Media

I am in the process of understanding how Social Media works since it is becoming popular in the business world and if you are not in it you will miss out on potential business growth. I have been using blogging for a while but really I use it more like a diary so really it does not add value to others hence no followers but that is fine too. I also use Twitter and now am on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is very useful for networking with past and present co-workers and for job seeking as well as getting useful information from groups of interest. Infact I find if very useful indeed.

Facebook is fun to keep in touch with past and present friends.

Twitter is just fun!

There are so many more that can be used but the aforementioned are popular with all.

Lord Mayor

My dad is Lord Mayor and I am missing out. He has so many events to go to and the Lord Mayor's Ball is happening in November and I would love to go but can't justify a thousand dollar flight for one night. So good luck dad and my mum for that matter since she is the supporting role and is working behind the scene.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

England Trip

The whole family went back to England in May. It was quite the adventure, two young kids on a plane, that I have to admit was no fun.

It was nice seeing family and friends. I spent a few days in London with my GF's, shopping, eating and drinking and the kids spent time with the whole family some of which they had never met before including my brother. I drove the kids to Staffordshire and Hampshire. Strange how easy it was for me to drive on the opposite side of the road and using a manual after 6 years of doing the complete opposite.

My husband and I got some much needed us time too. Nice to go to a local pub and sit and chat without kids screeming.

Myself and the girls came back with bronchitus which was not much fun, heating issues in Hampshire >:( or lack of!

My sister-in-law was married whilst we were there and she is due to have her baby in a few weeks time - its a boy!

My brother's wife was heavily pregnant and she has had her third child a few months ago, a little girl very cute. A shame I am not there enjoying being an aunt. The time will come.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Times are changing

Two posts in one day, well I have time before I go to bed - YAWN!!!

So after the very exciting Olympic venture I now have a new job, yes another bloody job. Since moving out here for one reason or another I have not been able to keep with the same company, maybe this time but it is looking like I will not unless they create a new position for me.

Anyhow, things are looking better for now, compared to 6 months ago and I feel a little more chilled (yoga is helping). I am watching Band of Brothers very disturbing stuff, no wonder the elders do not like talking about the World Wars - shocking. Anyway back on track, so yes new adventure and yet another one is developing on the side lines but I can't divulge until it is launched, website is nearly complete - hooray!

Bikram Yoga

My last entry was in March, it seems like time has passed by so fast. I do, however, have my lovely hunter boots and the rainy weather is fast approaching so out they come once again (worth a mention I feel).

My new adventure, apart from shopping for things I can't afford, is Bikram Yoga - I love it. It gets you hot and sweaty and tests your body and mind. I have been going for about 3 months now and I go 3-4 times a week, I have notices my body tightening and muscles lengthening and my clothes are starting to fit me better. No two days are the same, sometimes I can be the best (for me at least) and sometimes I really can't do the moves at all but come what may, it is working for me in every way. I feel relaxed, more positive and more in control over what I do. There are 26 postures with two breathing exercises and the breathing exercises has helped my lungs to be stronger, I can cycle quite happily without feeling exhausted and now that the cooler weather is upon us I will see just how well my stamina is when running. It is also helping to strengthen my back muscles which is good news when running, my back muscles have weakened and I have succumbed to weeks of back pain and no exercise, this makes my a unhappy camper.

Also with this hot, sweaty, bendy yoga practice comes the fashion aspect of it. As I may have mentioned before I am a fan of Lululemon and they have some great items when it comes to running and yoga, so I have purchased a few essentials items, it helps to motivate me. However, I have found some cheaper alternatives, J76 have some great tops and cropped pants and I have found Winners very useful in purchasing non-slip towels for the yoga mat at half the price of Lululemon and just as good if not the same. Well worth shopping around for cheaper alternatives.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hunter Boots

I can be a bit of a fashion victim at times and this time is no exception. It's my birthday and I notice that the Hunter wellies are now a fashion item, in so many colours it's shocking and so many accessories to boot. Having owned the original green Hunter boots back when I was a avid horse rider I know that these boots are a great, a little pricey but a fabulous purchase. All I say is, do not ride in them like I did, it wrecks your boots but they were and are so comfy. So as a birthday gift to yours truly, I have a pair in graphite. I love them. I almost did not get any because let's face it, I am not in my 20's but I am not past it either :) and also I was not sure how much use I would get out of them, but Vancouver is notorious for its rainy weather and my business boots simply leak in with too much rain, so it was time to get practical as well as fashionable. With that I am a bit of a country girl too, I walk my dog come rain or shine, I intend to sit on a horse again and my ultimate goal is to own a lovely house/cottage in the country. I think they will be great for local bike rides too, keeping the legs dry and warm. One of the accessories I do need to purchase is the boot sock, but oh, what colour should I choose to go with my graphite boot? Watch this space.