Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hunter Boots

I can be a bit of a fashion victim at times and this time is no exception. It's my birthday and I notice that the Hunter wellies are now a fashion item, in so many colours it's shocking and so many accessories to boot. Having owned the original green Hunter boots back when I was a avid horse rider I know that these boots are a great, a little pricey but a fabulous purchase. All I say is, do not ride in them like I did, it wrecks your boots but they were and are so comfy. So as a birthday gift to yours truly, I have a pair in graphite. I love them. I almost did not get any because let's face it, I am not in my 20's but I am not past it either :) and also I was not sure how much use I would get out of them, but Vancouver is notorious for its rainy weather and my business boots simply leak in with too much rain, so it was time to get practical as well as fashionable. With that I am a bit of a country girl too, I walk my dog come rain or shine, I intend to sit on a horse again and my ultimate goal is to own a lovely house/cottage in the country. I think they will be great for local bike rides too, keeping the legs dry and warm. One of the accessories I do need to purchase is the boot sock, but oh, what colour should I choose to go with my graphite boot? Watch this space.


Tom Baker said...

no no your birthdays the 3rd not the 2nd. oh yeah time difference doh! sorry bout the lower case ,computer depressed, happy birthday. not a stalker honestly! not named tom either.au revoir . not french either.auf weidersein .or german

Steph said...

Hmmm! I think I know who you are, I think.