Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bikram Yoga

My last entry was in March, it seems like time has passed by so fast. I do, however, have my lovely hunter boots and the rainy weather is fast approaching so out they come once again (worth a mention I feel).

My new adventure, apart from shopping for things I can't afford, is Bikram Yoga - I love it. It gets you hot and sweaty and tests your body and mind. I have been going for about 3 months now and I go 3-4 times a week, I have notices my body tightening and muscles lengthening and my clothes are starting to fit me better. No two days are the same, sometimes I can be the best (for me at least) and sometimes I really can't do the moves at all but come what may, it is working for me in every way. I feel relaxed, more positive and more in control over what I do. There are 26 postures with two breathing exercises and the breathing exercises has helped my lungs to be stronger, I can cycle quite happily without feeling exhausted and now that the cooler weather is upon us I will see just how well my stamina is when running. It is also helping to strengthen my back muscles which is good news when running, my back muscles have weakened and I have succumbed to weeks of back pain and no exercise, this makes my a unhappy camper.

Also with this hot, sweaty, bendy yoga practice comes the fashion aspect of it. As I may have mentioned before I am a fan of Lululemon and they have some great items when it comes to running and yoga, so I have purchased a few essentials items, it helps to motivate me. However, I have found some cheaper alternatives, J76 have some great tops and cropped pants and I have found Winners very useful in purchasing non-slip towels for the yoga mat at half the price of Lululemon and just as good if not the same. Well worth shopping around for cheaper alternatives.

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