Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hallowe'en this year was so much fun. I had to make an outfit for Melissa to attend school in, she was a Pirate but on the actual night for trick or treating she wanted to be a Princess and Victoria was a Fairy Princess, she wanted to be a Princess but I had to use the wings I had bought so she compromised, as 2 year olds do.

We went around the local neighbourhood where we saw other families with their children dressed up in their fabulous outfits. It was so nice to see people having fun and saying hello as we walked by. Seldom does that happen these days. It was like a community event, then as we were knocking on the well decorated exterior houses, we saw hundred of geese flying overhead, I supsect they were migrating for the winter and who can blame them?

It was my kids first time trick or treating and my first time ever, I have to say I can not wait for next year.

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