Saturday, November 13, 2010


The cold is setting in and I am feeling the cold. I love spring and autumn but summer can be too hot and winter too cold. I am not complaining as long as we get snow but wet winters chill me through to the bone.

Melissa has been taking skating lessons and is doing very well. Not sure I can warrant buying her the gear but so far she is loving it, she is also going to be taking swimming lessons so we shall see what she likes the most, either way she has to learn to swim.

As for me, Bikram yoga is on hold, not good since it was keeping me away from fatty foods and sitting on my butt all day long. I have however, started painting again which is preventing boredom setting in.


Tom Baker said...

Yeah you guessed right im sure!Been a good while since i checked your page.Not a stalker honestly!Great news about your old man.Congatulatios to him.Glad your healthy.Did i mention 2 kids this end too?Different mums(moms???).Couldnt do it right like you ha ha. All good now though. Sincere best wishes for the festive season-John(JUST in case you were miles off)

Steph said...

Oh don't you worry I knew who you were and I had not forgotten your name. Certaintly a blast from the past. Congrats on the kids, fun arent they? How old are they? One of each?

Hope you had a good xmas and New year.

I have not seen my dad since before he became Lord Mayor, but I hear about what they get up to. Bloody hard work as far as I am concerened but he loves it.