Friday, January 14, 2011

Cooking Shows

I thoroughly enjoy watching cooking shows. Nigella Lawson being my favourite, Jaime Oliver when he started out and now I am watching Sophie Dahl.

Sophie Dahl brings a little something to the table that you can not help but watch. She is not like Nigella, even though the press seem to think she is. I can see why they say that but really, Nigella loves to cook, it's her passion. Sophie on the other hand seems to like cooking and is somewhat clumsy around the kitchen and she is less sophisticated somehow but she brings a girly innocent quality to the table and for that I enjoy watching her. I love how she calls her date, the 'Suiter', how splendid to hear language that is rarely used these days, or at least not where I was brought up. Some of her recipes seem appetizing like the un-traditional shepherds pie, not a fan of rhubarb so the Eaton Mess will be left in its original state, for me at least.

Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights
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I am not a food snob by any stretch of the imagination but I like good food, from cheese on toast (with good cheese and bread) to a lovely cooked pheasant. I do not think Sophie should be criticised for using something other than lamb in her shepherds pie (even though it should really be called cottage pie if using beef) we all make mistakes, OK it is not traditional but I think that is the point to her show, she adds or subtracts something new with what already exists. It will not stop me from buying her book - oh no.

The decision should be left to your taste buds.

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