Friday, January 14, 2011

Reading Frenzy

I am currently reading like a 'mad hatter', not really sure that is a good comparison but tough. I am trying to read some of the classics, the ones I should have read earlier in my little life. I have read Jayne Eyre and I am currently reading a book of Thomas Hardy, he is an extraordinary writer I have never read anything like it. I only wish I had studied literature when I was at college but instead I did art only. Anyway, after reading dear Henry's book I intend to read Charles Dickens which again, I have left far too long.

Reading the classics makes a big difference to extending your language but it is lovely to read books that are not produced just for a quick 'buck'. All these chick lits, which I enjoy at times, are not a patch on the likes of Dickens.

It seems a pity to me that the English language is changing and has changed with the use of technology Acronyms drive me insane and the fact that I read so many blogs and a simple words like, see you later, has been butchered to, c u L8R, or something to that effect. Well I can tell you my children will know how to read, spell and know how to write a letter before they take to this 'new' language.

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