Thursday, February 17, 2011

House Selling

I am selling my house. A task that I loath to do particularly when there is work happening (updating the en-suite) and I will not get to enjoy it to its full. The last two years have been financially challenging and enough is enough, sometimes owning properties just isn't worth it. The current climate means that we will not make a big profit but hopefully a break even situation will occur. I have brought houses in the past to renovate but this one really did suck us dry, a bigger task and money pit than envisaged. Initially this home was meant to be our forever home but it is not happening that way. Moving out to Vancouver, Canada has been a huge struggle, I surprisingly got work easily but my husband has struggled, apparently he is too English (what on earth does that mean?). Ironic really since he spent most of his childhood in Canada. The more I meet ex-pats the more they say that even though Vancouver is a lovely place, the people are too clique, they do not know how to laugh at themselves (they are way too cool for that) and they smoke pot like Brits drink beer and the amount of homeless folks is shocking (reason being that it is warmer in Vancouver than other parts of Canada, so they make their journey across country). They must make a fair amount on the streets because a flight or drive costs a lot of money - I can't afford it.

Anyway, I hate to say it but I have grown bitter towards this place. I miss my down to earth friends who can laugh at my crap jokes and sense of humour, who know what wit and sarcasm is and going out straight after work is not a chore. Driving 300 hundred miles is fun to do when you know there are people who love you at the other end. I miss home, the gray skies, the arrogance the English have, the politics, the crowds the beautiful countryside, knowing you are more likely to get attacked by a sheep than ever seeing a bear. Football, I could do without, too much hooliganism lets the English down.

The grass may appear greener and it will be if you bring over your entire family otherwise it is hard to be alone in a country you were not brought into. Fun to travel and experience life but working, living and breathing it after a year or two is something else.

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