Monday, May 9, 2011

House is sold, what next?

The house sold quickly and in a timely manner which I am very pleased about. The flights are booked the packing and clearing has begun and the hunt for a shipping company is nearing its end. There are mixed emotions in the household to say the least. We are all excited to be moving back to our home, England, but it has been seven years since we lived there and we have our home here, we got married here, in Canada, and we had our little girls here. So what next?

Well we will live with family, visit everyone we can, get our bank accounts reactivated, try to live without a car for a while, get the girls into schools ready for September, husband gets a job, we find a rental property and those are the priorities for now. I do have one final item I wish to mention, a third child. Yes I said it, I never thought I would but my girls are not babies any more and we would love a little boy but if it is a girl that would be fun too and names for both have been selected. We are in discussions, not about having one but more along the lines of timing and how it will impact us. I am used to my sleep now and to start over does not excite me, but the pitter patter of tiny feet does. A decision needs to be made soon because the clock is finally ticking...      

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