Sunday, July 31, 2011


Gosh what can I say? The move back was emotionally challenging but logistically it went smoothly. I am living with my in-laws which has its ups and downs and I am looking for a place we can all live but there are a few challenges there too. However, since the return the weather has been amazing, we have been able to go out without the kids and go to local pubs with friends which is truly awesome and they have been missed. I have been to my parents and had tonnes of fun there, my folks are great, not sure what I would do without them. Nice to see my nephews and my niece.

It is time to really get settled and get our own place, I miss my own space and place and my belongings. I have been able to buy some lovely clothes in the sale no less which is great, need to buy furniture at some point but I will repeat, I want my own place.

I do have some updated photos but I am waiting for the photos with my dad as Lord Mayor and then I will post but for now I am going to chill.