Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am settling into the routine of school runs, kids homework, creating activities for the kids, cooking, baking and a host of other things. It has been one crazy year and I only hope between now and the next year things will start looking fruitful.

It is great that we finally see people most days and I get to go for coffee dates with friends and I can see my mum and dad more than once a year and spend a night out with the ladies and generally do stuff!

After a crazy busy half term last week, my art show and the kids off school and then one of my kids being very ill which she seems to be recovering now but it is a long process, things are starting to go back to normal, whatever that is. At the moment I am trying to get myself organised and be creative with the kids. I find it to be a huge task to keep them both entertained and keep them happy and to keep it as cheap as possible, but the nights are shorter so less activities outdoors during the evening. Having said that, bonfire night is upon us and I am really looking forward to taking the kids to see the fireworks.

It is another night (my 4th night) that I have to sleep next to my daughter to ensure she has a safe sleep, (she has been quite ill), fingers crossed it will be the last and we can all go into our own beds once again.

Good night for now.


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