Thursday, February 23, 2012


Art show

I was recently in an art show, (Oct 11). There was a good turn out  sadly my work was too contemporary for the audience so I did not sell anything. Boo!

This was my corner of the group show.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Birthday AGAIN!

OK, it is shocking that it is nearly my birthday and another year older and time seems to go by so fast that I can barely remember how old I am. SHOCKING! I have had to order my birthday present which I wanted for Christmas, yes I have ordered it. At least doing it this way I get what I want and need. A camera. I like my phone camera but prefer a proper camera, nothing crazy expensive but a coolpix type. They do the job I require and one day I will have a fancy schmancy one but will have to make do for now. 

The camera will help a great deal. I love taking pictures, of my kids, my paintings, sketches, designs etc and I can post them easily too. 



While I am a stay at home mum I seem to acquired a knack for baking, reluctantly because I am not a fan of cooking but I love to eat! I have also found out that I am very good at making pastry. My husband is very happy with my new found skills because he normally does the cooking but it looks like I have to do my share and then some - pah! The kids especially love that I make cakes, muffins, pies and all sorts and it is also good because I can see what is going into the food opposed to the manufacturers ingredients.

So yes, I am a baker maker, pastry taster (well it sounds good), and although I do not add the love of pretty sugary items, like we need more sugar, the food looks OK but more importantly it tastes great, just like home made food should. YUM!

A visit to Jane Austen's house

Months have passed and a new year has arrived. My eldest daughter has started a new school which I am happy about, some great teachers and lovely families. I have been working on lots of sketches and paintings. I have also been to visit Jane Austen's house which was fabulous and a lovely location too and have been reading some of her books. I have been to London, Portsmouth, Stoke and a few other places I am sure. I hope to have a holiday this year but that depends on work and if I can find a job or business moves up a notch. I have been helping husband to set up his new business venture as well as thinking of ideas for myself.  I have been to the kids Christmas productions (it has been a while since my last post). We have played in snow and many more things. We are very much settled back into home life but my only wish is to buy my own 'forever' house but all in due course.

So what have you been doing?