Thursday, March 1, 2012

Job Market

I have been job hunting for a few months on and off but now is the time to get serious with it. I have applied to quite a number of jobs and so far only had one interview and I am waiting to hear if I will be invited back for a second interview. I would like this job very easy commute and it is in central London and to top it off the job is exactly what I am looking for but in my line of work it is not just all about experience it is about personality fit too (like most jobs but mine more so).

I have also seen jobs closer to home, which would be ideal, some are paying what I would get in London, except the travel money would end up in my pocket opposed to the transport industry's account, therefore more income for me for which I would like to buy a house, eventually.

Fingers crossed I will get something sooner rather than later. It is quite frustrating waiting to hear when you are in need of work but currently the job market is on the side of the employer so they can be more picky and bide their time for the right person.

Let's see shall we?

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