Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Back in the saddle

After 10 years or less of not riding I have gotten back in the saddle on a lovely ex-polo pony (actually she is a horse) called Snickers. She is calm, safe and nice to ride, great for someone who has not ridden for a period of time. She needs work as she has not be ridden for a while and I need brushing up on my skills so a perfect partnership for now. Sadly I can not jump her because of her tendons, overused and abused! However, for now I have no need to go jumping just light hacking and a bit of schooling in the manage is fine. Once I get more confident and gain more experience I would love to find a horse to ride that can be jumped and perhaps do some local competitions, I would love to do a one day event someday. I have no intentions on buying, the horse world is expensive I have also been there and done that.

Wish me luck, maybe it is a phase I am seeking out to rekindle my past or maybe I will take it further and compete again.

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