Sunday, May 27, 2012


I had a lovely few days with my friend in London. We met at a cafe near Harrods where we had wine in the sunshine. We then went into Harrods to find birthday presents for my kids where my friend decided to spend quite a bit of money on them. We are all very grateful for her generosity and we love the play house that she got but the others presents are for their actual birthdays.

Harrods is fun but it is not what it used to be and some of the toys in the kids section can be brought cheaper online or in Toys R Us however, when they have items in store that is Harrods only then there are some real treats.

Harrods even has a very pricey dog spa and some very expensive puppies, 2K for a puppy is a little extreme when most breeders charge 400-900 for a pup. Not sure how they justify it other than there must be people out there that spend money just because.

All in all it was a fab time.

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