Monday, June 11, 2012

My new bike

Apollo Etienne Hybrid Bike 16"
Picture from Halfords website.
I have a new bike. This is it, not a great picture, I will get one of my own later. 

Bikes that I have had in the past are wide and varied but more recently I have been interested in the hybrid bike with a step-through frame and a skirt guard so that I can wear what I like without it being caught up in the chain. Normally I would go for a mountain bike, with its suspension, quick release wheels etc, more sophisticated in its technology but I found I did not use it to its full potential so switched to the hybrid.

So far I love it. Easy to ride, nice to be sitting up instead of hunched over but it is a very different ride. Without the suspension it makes for a hard ride on trails but it is far superior on the roads. 

I intend to accessorise it with a front basket, panniers, but that is all it needs, it has a bell, mudguards, I already have tools and a pump. 

I want the nice weather to come out so that I can take it on long jaunts and once my girls can ride their bikes go out for a cycling picnic treat.

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