Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is it Autumn?

Waking up to a sunny Sunday morning, making breakfast in my PJ's, kiddies curled up on the sofa, snuggled in their blankets to keep warm. Yes that's right, to keep warm, even on this bright, lovely day.  There is a distinct chill in the air and it feels like autumn.

As it happens I love autumn. I enjoy the new fashion trends, wearing scarves, hats, gloves and layering clothing. Setting up candles for that warm glow and sitting in-front of a fire with delicious hot chocolate - made properly and reading books.

I read all sorts of books, educational books; I have periods where I crave knowledge. Chic Lit, easy to read books that lean towards humor. Children's books, for nostalgia and for the beautiful illustrations. I digress.

Autumn for me is for spending time at home, dreaming, inventing, creating, walking and being with my family.

How do you spend your time in autumn?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sophie Conran's kitchen

This is a kitchen that I aspire to have. A bright colourful kitchen that is large and is not only built for cooking and kitchen chores but where the family can sit,eat, do homework and create art. It will be the hub of the house and the bubblegum pink paint will no doubt put a smile on my girls face, my husbands, however will not be so cheerful unless I make him pie and cakes more often ;)

I love it, but dare I go this route, hmmmm! We shall see if I can persuade the other half.

roomenvy - Sophie Conran's sugary kitchen

Fairy Cake Recipe

The best, quick and simple vanilla fairy cake recipe is this. Making them is not rocket science and the little ones can help too. I get them to measure and add the ingredients, good with developing maths skills and getting used to measuring. To mix, I used a food processor, I NEVER use a food processor for cake making but this time I did and I am glad because it saved a lot of time mixing.

I am hoping the end result will look something like this below:

Picture from Fairy Cake Recipe website.

I am sure though that my cake will look more traditional with the icing in the middle and the fairy wings on top. YUM!