Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a year 2012 has brought us. It is our first full year back in England, we have come on leaps and bounds as a family and recovered from a disastrous recession with the thanks to my parents. My mother-in-law has been an amazing help with the kids and allowing us the occasional break from being parents.

We have been lucky enough to see another Olympic in the country we live in, first Vancouver 2010 and now London 2012. We were here for the Queens Jubilee and more importantly we are home for Christmas for a second time running.

Our last Christmas was a frugal one, only getting the kids presents but this year hopes to be a little different in that we all get a bit of something but we never go over the top, we see no point but what we do like to do is have a nice breakfast and dinner on Christmas day which we tend to prep the day before so that we can have a relaxed dining experience.

We have plans to go to Hyde Park to see the Winter Wonderland which I am very much looking forward to and a trip to Harrods where we hope to meet Rebecca and her dog for a bite to eat and a bit of window shopping. And our town is having an ice skating rink built and festivities to enjoy.

Can't wait!!!

Joules jersey dress

MONICA Womens Stretch Jersey Dress
Dress-up dress-down I love this dress it looks really pretty on and you can wear it with heals for an evening outfit or a pair of boots with a nice warm scarf for day time. It flatters most figures and a must in any wardrobe.

Friday, November 16, 2012

'My Animals and Other Family' by Clare Balding

I am currently reading, 'My Animals and Other Family' by Clare Balding. Having been a horse and dog enthusiast and worked on a race yard and at riding stables, I can admit that I have an appreciation of her story and the passion, commitment and time that goes into the work of these animals.

She has a great way of story telling and makes the read an easy one but also a book that is difficult to put down. Funny stories that I relate too particular the adventures on horse back and the naughty pony and devoted dogs. It made me laugh and cry and it some instances it made me sad.

An enjoyable read for any animal enthusiast.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Years Eve Parties

When I speak to people about New Years parties I feel that they are divided on it. My experience in general has been that it is a time for businesses to overcharge, a time for people to drink too much and people are forced to be merry. I can recall one time when I had a memorable time out with my friends but generally speaking it has been... BLAH!

Then came children, hoorah! I am not forced to go to boring New Years parties anymore because now I can stay at home with my family and have fun with them and not feel the need to be chuffed that I have managed to find someone to go partying with and to drink excessively, because that is the done thing. I can drink a few home made cocktails, eat home made food and dance with the kids and best of all I am not hung over the day after and can enjoy a fried breakfast. To add to our, what I consider to be a splendid evening at home, my best friend, Rebecca stays the night with her dog (the kids love this) and we watch chick flicks and merrily drink a few glasses of wine and have a chat without having to shout over load speakers and banging music. Best of all, I do not have to participate in any stupid party games some fool has made-up.

I am very happy to spend my evening with my husband, best friend and her dog and my kids and enjoy an evening that we all agree on, relax and be merry!

If you insist on doing something and want to spend it with your children, here are a few ideas that I like too!

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What are your thoughts on New Years?