Sunday, December 23, 2012


I tried to do some knitting a few years ago and I still have the wool to prove it. I tried and tried over and over again to no avail. My mother came over and I asked her to show me what the best thing to do was, for ease and simplicity, she made my knitting life so easy for me. She was a bit surprised by the small needle size and project I was given and said it was no wonder I struggled with it. So now I am knitting a simple scarf in just a knit stitch opposed to a knit one purl one (I will try this again for a hat) and I am really finding it therapeutic, I can watch the kids playing and it keeps me away from the laptop.

Here it is so far:

Photo: Knitting

A Festive Dinner Part 1

We have had a very busy few days. My parents came to visit for a few nights and we had fun touring the local shops. My husband and I met up with a group of friends on Friday night and went to the pub for a few bevvies. It was a great time to have a laugh and reminisce.

Saturday morning my parents, the kids and myself went to the local garden center coffee shop and to our surprise Santa came in and we asked him to see our girls, he graciously did so and it really brightened up the faces of my girls, they couldn't quite believe it!

Photo: Santa surprise visit.

Last night we went to the children's Christmas panto - Dick Whittington.  The kids, grandparents and my husband and I loved it and we had a lot of fun watching them scream and shout, "He's behind you". We got their late so ended up on the back row but it worked out well because all the kids were sat at the front - they were a noisy bunch. When we got home we laid the tables and served dinner and my mother-in-law joined us for a feast of roasted goose and figgy pudding. 
Sadly my parents could not stay for Christmas but it works out well because we get to have two Christmas dinners, opening of presents and a few drinks. It is a great start to the festive period.

Photo: Tonight is a cooked goose.                           Photo: The first of our Festive dinners.
Photo: Girls hyper after the pantomime.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I love these fun photos taken in a photo booth at a Christmas party. It was so much fun. I love the fun hats too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Countdown to Christmas has begun

Yes, it is getting very close to Christmas day and the turkey has been ordered, the veg box from Able & Cole will be arriving soon and so will my parents.

We had a fun black tie event last weekend and we had fun having photos taken in the photo booth and gambling with pretend money. On Sunday we went to The Old Drum, where H.G. Wells once dined and they also serve amazing chips and also provides great service too (since it has been taken over). It was nice being a childless couple for a night and day, I have to admit, even though I missed them when I woke up in the morning.

Yesterday I found the Christmas tree on the floor! A little top heavy perhaps. So I had to redecorate it. What I do love about this tree this year is it sheds its needles so that you can that lovely pine smell and I also love the way the branch is curved and how the star sits on the top.

One last thing, I went to my daughters schools Christingles Service at the local church and it was lovely, I have never been to one before but basically the kids sang songs, recreated the nativity and swapped the money they had put together for less fortunate kids and got the Christingles they made at school. To learn more about Christingles see here.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Part 3

Photo: We won the hamper. Yeah!

The kids plays were great, my youngest one had the lead role - little bear. You never know what will happen at productions like this, the more mishaps the better it is, as far as I am concerned. I have a Christingles service to attend for my older daughter next week, I have never been to one before, but it will be nice to step foot in a church and hear the children singing. As I get older, I think the church is lovely for Christmas services.

 We won a food hamper at my little ones school, I rarely win on raffles so it was a lovely surprise to win not only a prize but the main prize.

The black tie event is this weekend, now I have to fit in my dress - I have two to choose from but I think I will stick to black with my Gina sparkly shoes and either my sparkly clutch bag or my Fendi handbag, decisions, decisions.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Part 2

So it has been a busy start to December, kids Christmas parties, Christmas shows, pantos and there is still more to come. The Christmas tree is ordered and should be with us on Thursday which will be a perfect time since we can celebrate the last of the kids school Christmas performances in the evening. We can come home, drink hot choc, eat mince pies, play xmas music and hang the lights and decorations upon the tree. It will also be nice to put some of the presents under the tree.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's the countdown to Christmas

Source: SPN

It is the best time of year again, Christmas. the children are getting excited, the winter has reared its head. Decorations are appearing in shop windows and people are gathering their trees and presents. There will be a number of concerts to attend and I can't wait to see my girls playing their roles and I have a evening away, attending a black tie event. A time to spend at home and enjoy a day of shop closures and less cars on the road and to eat as much food as a stomach can take. Don't feel guilty, we work hard earning a crust to enjoy this one day a year tradition. If there is spare cash, food, toys, donate what you can to give to the less fortunate.

Let's enjoy this festive season, whether it is a frugal one or a luxurious one, enjoy being at home spending the day without rushing around, either at home alone or with family. Make it your day.