Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Festive Dinner Part 1

We have had a very busy few days. My parents came to visit for a few nights and we had fun touring the local shops. My husband and I met up with a group of friends on Friday night and went to the pub for a few bevvies. It was a great time to have a laugh and reminisce.

Saturday morning my parents, the kids and myself went to the local garden center coffee shop and to our surprise Santa came in and we asked him to see our girls, he graciously did so and it really brightened up the faces of my girls, they couldn't quite believe it!

Photo: Santa surprise visit.

Last night we went to the children's Christmas panto - Dick Whittington.  The kids, grandparents and my husband and I loved it and we had a lot of fun watching them scream and shout, "He's behind you". We got their late so ended up on the back row but it worked out well because all the kids were sat at the front - they were a noisy bunch. When we got home we laid the tables and served dinner and my mother-in-law joined us for a feast of roasted goose and figgy pudding. 
Sadly my parents could not stay for Christmas but it works out well because we get to have two Christmas dinners, opening of presents and a few drinks. It is a great start to the festive period.

Photo: Tonight is a cooked goose.                           Photo: The first of our Festive dinners.
Photo: Girls hyper after the pantomime.

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