Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's the countdown to Christmas

Source: SPN

It is the best time of year again, Christmas. the children are getting excited, the winter has reared its head. Decorations are appearing in shop windows and people are gathering their trees and presents. There will be a number of concerts to attend and I can't wait to see my girls playing their roles and I have a evening away, attending a black tie event. A time to spend at home and enjoy a day of shop closures and less cars on the road and to eat as much food as a stomach can take. Don't feel guilty, we work hard earning a crust to enjoy this one day a year tradition. If there is spare cash, food, toys, donate what you can to give to the less fortunate.

Let's enjoy this festive season, whether it is a frugal one or a luxurious one, enjoy being at home spending the day without rushing around, either at home alone or with family. Make it your day.

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