Saturday, March 16, 2013

Are dry shampoos worth it?

Yes I like dry shampoos, particularly because my hair becomes oily very quickly and these products help to dry it out. Here are two products I have recently tried.

I love this particular brand,  Umberto Giannini,which I bought from Boots, a handy travel size. I may purchase the full size once I have finished this can. I like the smell and it does not leave a dusty white residue but my hair is blonde making white flecks hard to see so I can't vouch for brown-haired beauties. This product is  more expensive than the one I am about to review below but worth it.

I had to try this brand too, full size batiste, again its from Boots.This is cheaper than the Umberto Giannini by a few pounds. It is meant to have a flirty floral smell but I did not smell it, barely, perhaps that is a good thing. I don't like this, if there had been a travel size I would have got it but I am left to use this large can. Not impressed, it barely made a difference to my hair, and it looked like a snow storm on the top of my head. However if you have hair that needs a perk me up and a less intense need to get rid of the oil in your hair this might work as a freshener. It could work as a boost if you are willing to look like you have dandruff.

So for me who has limp, flat, oily hair the Umberto Giannini is the winner.

Feel free to provide me with your experiences with dry shampoos and if  there are any you recommend and if you have a blog, by all means add your link too.


ReNu said...

I've tried Oscar Blandi, as they have one for brunettes, and absolutely love it! Completely de-greases my hair!
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Creations said...

Love your blog btw.