Friday, April 5, 2013

Face Mask Friday

So far I have used two of my four face masks bought at Superdrug.

I liked wearing the fruit sorbet antioxidants peel off mask. It did make my face heat up in areas when it started to dry, I couldn't tell if l was having a reaction or it was how it was meant to be. My skin did adjust and all was fine, l did have a few red patches but it soon went after it was peeled away and I splashed on some cold wash. It was easy to peel off.

Last week l tried the dead sea purifying clay mask. It was nice and warming on the face and it left my skin feeling refreshed. One gripe I have about clay masks is they are so damned messy to take off.

Recently l  wore a facial mask, an actual mask opposed to clay or something you would rub onto your face. It was a green tea mask and it was lovely and refreshing, one that l will use again  It was a birthday gift along with a number of other wonderful beauty products and one of the reasons why this blog changed its focus. I thank my sister in law.

Tonight I will try the calming floral mud mask. I could do with calm after having the kids off school for Easter.

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