Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Make-up Bag Confession

What I wear:

I like to wear neutral colours for both day and evening but go a little stronger and use smokey eyes for a night out. The Rimmel soft kohl eyeliner is in a lilac shade and is great for making eyes look brighter it is softer than using a white pencil. For stronger looking brows I use Benefit's Brows a-go-go. The Arch De Triumph by Soap and Glory is one of the best highlighter come brow pencil and it is a good price too about £8 and a daily staple. I love Sephora products and their brushes are fantastic and the bronzer is lovely, producing a nice healthy glow. Who can live without nail polish? It actually prevents me from chewing my nails even with clear varnish on.

Beauty Confessions:

1. I have dark blue eyes and are hooded, so I can use brown tones mostly but I can't do black eyeliner nor winged eyes without it making my eyes appear smaller - argghhh!

2. I chew my nails, so I try to put nail varnish on, but my problem is I chip it very easily, within a day! Very frustrating.

3. I have to store my make-up away from my girls. I would love a dresser and place my items in view but would fear nail polish would be used for painting pictures and lipstick would end up on teddy bears. They have not yet gotten into perfume.

4. I am terrible at washing make-up off at night, if I get back home late I will fall asleep and have mascara all over my face by the time I wake-up. Lovely!

5. I would love to have perfect hair but I also like a messy look too, which is just as well because it tends to look messy most the time.

6. I am crap at putting make-up on or should I say bold make-up, I steer clear because I end up looking like a clown.

7. I have been known to show up to work without anything on my face.

8. I can't stand beauty counters, and perfume counters, I feel as though I am being summoned to buy products that do not suit me and smells that make me sneeze.

9. I drink way too much sugary tea and not enough water, not good for the skin at all.

10. When I lived in British Columbia I would go running, cycling or walking my dog on the trails. Problem was I always, without fail, came across black bears sometimes cubs which is not a good sign, because mum is close by. Once I came across a grizzly fishing for salmon, I had my bike and the Chariot attached with my daughter in it, the bear and I made eye contact, I was armed with bear spray. I decided that the two foot wide river and three foot fence that divided me from an attack gave me enough time to escape. I later opted for yoga in a nice enclosed indoor space, instead. Why am I telling you this? Well, it was part of my beauty regime; keeping in-shape, I had not planned to fight bears in the process.

11. I have thin lips, a curse for pouting new shades of lipstick.

12. My hair is fine so I am limited with the products I can use since most are too heavy for my hair and it ends up greasy. Consequently, I tie my hair-up on those greasy days.

13. I do not get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks and allow my roots to show. Appalling, I know.

14. I do not like applying make-up in public, even lip balm. People watch and it annoys me. Kudos to those that can do it.

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