Monday, April 15, 2013

Sanctuary Spa

I received Sanctuary Spa products as a Christmas present with a number of body lotions and bath supplies. If I think of this brand I think luxury, relaxation and sophistication. The body creams have a lovely smell to them, yummy. Some are spicy and tingle when applied, these have ginger in them. The cocooning body lotion with the red lid is absolutely gorgeous and the smell blows me away, there is a hint of cedar wood in it.

I have already used up a number of the travel bottles which I will go through when I post my empties blog. Since they are empty its because I liked them, a lot.

There is a lot of product inside them and I still have quite a bit left and some barely touched since I have devoured my favourites.

Have you ever been to a Sanctuary Spa? I have and it was wonderful, I would love to go again (I must confess it has been about ten years since I went last). Lovely soft robes and slippers, a relaxed atmosphere and lots of treatments too.

You can't go wrong with Sanctuary Spa. xxx

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