Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring has Sprung?

Spring? I am not convinced that I should be purchasing the latest spring fashion collection, in fact I have been hunting for woolly jumpers and fur coats on eBay and ASOS . Trying to find out-of-season clothing is a challenge, let me tell you. Even the second hand shops have thin, flimsy summer clothes out on display and I can't bare it, it still feels like the UK is in mid-winter.

I love spring and autumn, summer can be too hot and winter can be too cold but the spring and autumn fashions are my favourite. Clothing items that I can't do without and love to shop for are coats, hats, scarves, jeans and jumpers.

Here are a few things I have on my spring wish list:

Image 1 of ASOS Heart Elbow Patch Jumper
Image 3 of ASOS Heart Elbow Patch Jumper
Source: Asos
Source: Next

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