Monday, April 8, 2013

Tea or Coffee?

A cup of coffee is a must in my household, at least one cup per day, I prefer not to drink more than that. I buy coffee beans so I can grind them myself, providing fresh tasting coffee, the instant stuff doesn't cut it. I add a splash of milk and for sweetness I add some Manuka honey, the best kind of honey there is.

Coffee Mug 
Time for Coffee

As for tea, I drink quite a lot throughout the day particularly on cold days when I need to warm up. Herbal teas and good old fashioned black tea with sugar does the trick for me. I drink herbal tea as to reduce the amount of sugar intake, I have way too much sugar in my builders tea, (for my Canadian friends we Brits pronounce the H in herb :) )
Tea Time

The story behind Miss Ladybug: Well, I made her whilst teaching my kids how to make model bugs using Sculpey, Sculpey is a bit like clay and play dough, it comes in an array of colours and once you have made your masterpiece you bake it and becomes solid. I love art and teaching my kids to be creative and this little bug has followed me everywhere as have my kids ladybugs too (translation: ladybug aka ladybird), I love how North Americans call them ladybugs so it has stuck with me.

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