Tuesday, May 28, 2013

R.I.P. - My lovely dog, Riley

A few days ago, my beautiful loyal dog, Riley went to doggy heaven, after he collapsed and was taken to the vet whom discovered that Riley was riddled with tumors. He was a mere age 10. The same condition my first dog had, she died of at the same age when I was a kid. So it is very sad for me to hear he had the same fate. 

My husband and I got him from the SPCA, we had been searching for a dog for quite some time and Riley, timely appeared just before our wedding day, he was our wedding gift to ourselves. When we received him, he was underfed, had little muscle mass and was scatty but he had kind eyes. Eyes, one blue and one brown, he was a husky cross shepherd. We worked hard with him to feed him up, to make him feel safe and he past his training lessons with flying colours. He loved to please me. He went everywhere with us, he inspired us. He became our running companion, our protector and a comforter. He loved water, but hated it when it reached his belly, he loved the hose pipe, very rarely could we water the garden without him jumping up and playing infront of it. He loved his ball and his bed. 

I am so sad to see him leave this world, unable to see him, pat him, hear his bark, see his wagging tail but I could not bare to see him suffer.

This is a sad time but I will always hold him close to my heart. 

I love you Riley R.I.P. my loyal, faithful companion. 


Shoes glorious shoes

Love shoes? What girl doesn't?

All the way from Spain

Clarks Sandles

Platform heels.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Clothing, clothing and more clothing.

Love clothing? So do I. I am having a much needed wardrobe update.

Undies from M&Co

Nightie from M&Co

Top and skirt from Next

Ladies and girls top from Joules

Dress from charity shop, shoes from local boutique

Scarf from Coach, shoes from a boutique shoe store and dress and belt from charity shop

All a girls needs is shoes and clothes. 


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hair setting and styling.

I find my hair to be very difficult to style. Mostly because I have no idea what I am doing. But I wanted to try and set my hair with some sponge curlers. Having had my hair permed back in the 80's I know my hair takes curlers easily and lasts forever it also means that it takes a while to settle until I like it. After watching a number of YouTube How To's and understanding how to brush it out I tested out my new products to see the results and if it is worth doing again. 

I used 10 sponge rollers that I bought from Boots for less than £4 and setting lotion for less than £3.

I let my hair set overnight. The beauty of sponge rollers, they are easy to sleep in. I woke up the next day, took each roller out and my hair was one mass of curls, somewhat frizzy too. I had to brush and brush it out until I was happy with it. It will be interesting to see what it looks like the next day.

Here are a few ways I have styled my new hair do.

 Bought this hat in a second hand shop and I love it. I am a hat person. £5

These cat eye glasses are from Oasis. £14

My hair tied up at the back. I like this style a lot, nice for a trip out and smart but casual.

Monday, May 20, 2013

London Visits

Since the impending move back is looming on me I have been visiting London for shopping and a bit of nostalgia  The last place I worked when I lived in London was St James's Park, next to Buckingham Palace with the lovely parks as well as a short walk to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.  I have very fond memories indeed, I also lived in Notting Hill for a short period which was amazing. Smack bang in the middle of London, the restaurants the late bars the amazing cafes, Portobella Market, I would love to live there again.

Last weekend I took a walk along Carnaby Street, click to see instagram images. Then a walk along Oxford Street and into John Lewis and a visit to Savile Row, where my husband bought a few pairs of shoes from Gieves and Hawkes.

We ate at Zedel which has the most exquisite decor and the ladies was impressive. Fantastic service, they had a cloak room, a huge dining hall where I can imagine in the past, parties were held and glamorous people attended with beautiful clothing. The interior is very much from the 1930's.

We also stayed at a hotel near Marble Arch with the most comfy beds, we also got upgraded to a business class room.

I love London. I have had many a fine time in the big smoke.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Travel Plans

Aah yes I am traveling again. Not that long ago, 2 years to be exact, I was packing, sorting and downsizing my possessions to return back home to the UK. As fate would have it, it appears we need to return to our second home country where the red maple leaf appears on the white background of a flag, oh Canada. So our things have been placed an a boat ahead of time in the hopes that it will be there a few days after we arrive. Am I excited? You may well ask. Well, I am not overly, it is not new to me, I am going back to the familiar, afterall I did spend 7 years there, got married and had my kids but the last two years were somewhat stressful so I did not leave on happy terms. However, I am a little excited to see old haunts and people I know there but more than anything that really is stopping me from feeling joyous is leaving my parents again and my friends,  telling them was traumatic and no one seems to understand our motivation even though it has been said loud and clear. The UK economy is worse than we thought and getting work has been a struggle so it is time to start over, kind of. My husband works for Canadian based companies which is the main reason for going.

Now the next step, my travel docs back, I am the only one who doesn't have Canadian citizenship; sort out accommodation and schools. Schools; my eldest child has been moved from place to place so to do it again makes me ill, my youngest would be moving into primary school anyway but my eldest likes her school and friends, having said that she can see her old friends in Canada and she has not fully lost her lovely Canadian accent.

The saga with my travel docs; because my permanent residency card expired a few months earlier I had to apply for a travel document. This was done before the VAC office opened in Paddington,  London, they have made it easier to go in, speak to someone, help you apply, track its status, actually talk, chat and email and get it all back within 2 weeks. However my application was done prior to the opening of this office so I could not call, emailing wasn't worth the effort since no one replies and my fax fell on deaf ears so after 2 months of waiting I went to the old office to find out what was the problem. It was all very civilised, very polite etc, I was very nervous, I handed additional supporting evidence including bringing my husband along, since travelling with a spouse who is Canadian makes for better results. I explained my concern and passed everything over and I was asked to wait... two hours later, very hungry and thirsty since I had to get there early and was to edgy to eat, I was called over. The pink folder I handed over was given back to me, my passport was shown to me showing the foil that was my one way ticket back to Canada. No explanation as to why I had to wait 2 months instead of two weeks, since this is the normal processing time. I didn't care, I was relieved to get my ok and knowing that I can board my pre booked plane and also knowing that shipping my goods and telling the kids we are moving wasn't all for nothing. Phew! I can't tell you how stressed I was. I thought my documents had gone missing, I never thought I had been rejected, there was no justifiable reason for that.

So now we need to book hotels, enjoy the beautiful Vancouver summer weather, find a place to live, get kids schools organised and get a job.

If you need advise about moving to Canada I can probably give you some advise

Monday, May 13, 2013

Glossybox UK May 2013

This is the last Glossybox that I will be receiving after signing up for 3 months. I don't plan to renew due to my move out of the country. However, I have been pleased with what I have received.

Happy Birthday!

My Trusty Sunflower Cream is a lavender scented daily moisturizer. This is a full size at £6.99 It smells lovely but am I excited? Not especially but is a nice to have product. 

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics. The new kid on the block, a Primer and Create Mixing Medium. Blimey, a bit of a mouthful don't you think? Evenso, this tiny, intsy sample pot can be used in a variety of ways, one is using it as a primer, mix foundation to get an airbrush effect, just get creative with it. This pot is so small I think I will only get one use out of it so I will be unable to see what wonderful finishes it can produce. 

I have another nail polish. I should not moan, I love to get nail polishes perhaps my glib responses reflect my current mood and frustrations. Full size at £9.99.

Caudalie Divine Oil. Can be used all over the body, including hair and nails. I have never heard or seen of this brand before, but that is why it is great getting beauty boxes. It is meant to leave a non-greasy finish. We shall see how this works on my lifeless hair. Another full sized product at  £4.05.  Why the 5p?

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'eau. I am so glad to see sample bottles looking like the miniature version of the full sized bottle. I despise the ones in the cardboard 'books' that look like every other sample that you may as well throw away. It smells nice, too subtle for my liking, I wouldn't buy it.

Handy nail files to pop into your bag when you are on the go. The only one I am not happy with is the BM Cosmetics purely for its tiny size sample but I am sure it is a great product. Nice one Glossybox UK. Will be sad to leave you behind. 

All in all not a bad box. Six products, three of which are full sized. 

The Splurge

This is a mini splurge cost me a little over twenty pounds. The Real Techniques stippling brush costing the same as the two face creams!

I have heard nothing but great reviews about this little brush and it is small. Ergonomically designed for ladies small hands and the bristles nice and soft. This brush is meant to provide an airbrushed effect which I have yet to try. So I have high expectations.

Pond's  skincare range has stood the test of time. My grandmother used it and so did my mother. I wanted to use a gentler approach to cleansers and the cold cream jar is meant to be just that. Apply to the face and wipe the make-up away including mascara.

 The Pond's packaging design is simple and as I remembered it as a child, not a lot as changed, which I think is lovely. 

The opened pot below is a nourishing anti-wrinkle cream which cost a little over four pounds which I think is great because most of the ones I see tend to cost upwards of a tenner. Let's hope this stuff works because I am not getting any younger. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dress like it's the 1940's

I adore the 1940's fashion, the reproductions being produced today to fit nicely with today's modern style. Beautiful hair and lovely red lipstick. Sophisticated elegant women. The 80's fashion seem to strip away shapely clothing for ladies, I know I lived through it as a kid. Square shaped t-shirts, stone washed jeans that would suit both sexes. Neon clothing, long dress shirts. Big hair for everyone, yuk! The 80's fashion was not good. Women who wanted success, promotions, respect, dressed in power suits designed to allow women to work in a so called 'mans world', the big shoulder pads, boxy suits, to enter jobs that were meant for the boys. Being 'girly' and pretty was seen as meek and weak but there seems to be a revolution, women can go back to wearing pretty clothes and not feel inferior. However there is some way to go still particularly in a corporate environment where dark suits and black shoes are a prerequisite but at least there are some lovely shaped jackets and skirts cut to fit the female figure.

20th Century Foxy Lady have some great clothes you can wear at the office yet look incredibly stylish and of course feminine.

1940s Swing Skirt - Red40s Pussy Bow Blouse - black spot50s Pencil Skirt - Pin stripeStop Staring Grand Central Dress

For a night out I would love this beautiful purple dress from 20th Century Foxy Lady. A flattering neckline, nipped in waist and the fish tail at the bottom of the skirt is stunning for any lady big or small. A beautiful red lipstick to compliment the outfit from Besame Cosmetics. How about these beautiful heart shaped shoes from Hasbeens? Can be worn dressed up or for daytime wear. A lovely warm faux fur from Bettie Page for those colder days.

Bettie Page
1940s Purple Victory Dress
20th Century Foxy Lady
Classic Color Lipstick
Besame Cosmetics

What about some undies vintage style. Feel sexy before you even put clothes on. What Kate Did have an excellent range of lingerie, from cone shaped 1940's bras and knickers to corsets and hosiery.

Image of L4016 Sophia Corset Product  Image of H2023 Retro Seamed Dot Tights Product Image of L9071 Clarice Bra Product Image of L2072 Clarice French Knickers Product

Have fun.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Second Hand Clothing and Shoes

There is nothing better than buying a bargain and charity shops are the way to go. It is nice to be supporting a good cause which makes shopping all that more justifiable but if you can find the right shops you can find some great stuff.  

Faux fur coat which goes great with jeans cost me £3.50. Scarf was a gift from Peru made from lama wool.

Different scarf, again a gift.

Not charity shop bought but a worthy mention since I have had them a long, long time. Gina shoes, these look great dressed up or more casual with jeans. I bought them new for my wedding and they still look great.  A costly sum of £350 but they will stand the test of time. You can't get these shoes anymore, not at the original price I paid. 

Another charity shop buy. These shoes have probably been worn once, got them for £12.
Bought this on Ebay and I am very happy with this purchase at £27. Although the winter seasons has left us, thank goodness, there will be lots of time to wear it later this year in winter. Love to bargain hunt and this was a good price and I got the belt separately from Sue Ryder for a few pounds.

I bought a dress for £12 a few days ago. Zara women. You can find the image here. A lovely A-Line dress with a flattering collar and discrete pockets to the front. I have some lovely shoes to go with it too. click here to see.

And finally some lovely brooches I got for less than £2 each, to view click here.