Monday, May 13, 2013

Glossybox UK May 2013

This is the last Glossybox that I will be receiving after signing up for 3 months. I don't plan to renew due to my move out of the country. However, I have been pleased with what I have received.

Happy Birthday!

My Trusty Sunflower Cream is a lavender scented daily moisturizer. This is a full size at £6.99 It smells lovely but am I excited? Not especially but is a nice to have product. 

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics. The new kid on the block, a Primer and Create Mixing Medium. Blimey, a bit of a mouthful don't you think? Evenso, this tiny, intsy sample pot can be used in a variety of ways, one is using it as a primer, mix foundation to get an airbrush effect, just get creative with it. This pot is so small I think I will only get one use out of it so I will be unable to see what wonderful finishes it can produce. 

I have another nail polish. I should not moan, I love to get nail polishes perhaps my glib responses reflect my current mood and frustrations. Full size at £9.99.

Caudalie Divine Oil. Can be used all over the body, including hair and nails. I have never heard or seen of this brand before, but that is why it is great getting beauty boxes. It is meant to leave a non-greasy finish. We shall see how this works on my lifeless hair. Another full sized product at  £4.05.  Why the 5p?

Givenchy Dahlia Noir L'eau. I am so glad to see sample bottles looking like the miniature version of the full sized bottle. I despise the ones in the cardboard 'books' that look like every other sample that you may as well throw away. It smells nice, too subtle for my liking, I wouldn't buy it.

Handy nail files to pop into your bag when you are on the go. The only one I am not happy with is the BM Cosmetics purely for its tiny size sample but I am sure it is a great product. Nice one Glossybox UK. Will be sad to leave you behind. 

All in all not a bad box. Six products, three of which are full sized. 

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