Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hair setting and styling.

I find my hair to be very difficult to style. Mostly because I have no idea what I am doing. But I wanted to try and set my hair with some sponge curlers. Having had my hair permed back in the 80's I know my hair takes curlers easily and lasts forever it also means that it takes a while to settle until I like it. After watching a number of YouTube How To's and understanding how to brush it out I tested out my new products to see the results and if it is worth doing again. 

I used 10 sponge rollers that I bought from Boots for less than £4 and setting lotion for less than £3.

I let my hair set overnight. The beauty of sponge rollers, they are easy to sleep in. I woke up the next day, took each roller out and my hair was one mass of curls, somewhat frizzy too. I had to brush and brush it out until I was happy with it. It will be interesting to see what it looks like the next day.

Here are a few ways I have styled my new hair do.

 Bought this hat in a second hand shop and I love it. I am a hat person. £5

These cat eye glasses are from Oasis. £14

My hair tied up at the back. I like this style a lot, nice for a trip out and smart but casual.

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