Thursday, May 9, 2013

Second Hand Clothing and Shoes

There is nothing better than buying a bargain and charity shops are the way to go. It is nice to be supporting a good cause which makes shopping all that more justifiable but if you can find the right shops you can find some great stuff.  

Faux fur coat which goes great with jeans cost me £3.50. Scarf was a gift from Peru made from lama wool.

Different scarf, again a gift.

Not charity shop bought but a worthy mention since I have had them a long, long time. Gina shoes, these look great dressed up or more casual with jeans. I bought them new for my wedding and they still look great.  A costly sum of £350 but they will stand the test of time. You can't get these shoes anymore, not at the original price I paid. 

Another charity shop buy. These shoes have probably been worn once, got them for £12.
Bought this on Ebay and I am very happy with this purchase at £27. Although the winter seasons has left us, thank goodness, there will be lots of time to wear it later this year in winter. Love to bargain hunt and this was a good price and I got the belt separately from Sue Ryder for a few pounds.

I bought a dress for £12 a few days ago. Zara women. You can find the image here. A lovely A-Line dress with a flattering collar and discrete pockets to the front. I have some lovely shoes to go with it too. click here to see.

And finally some lovely brooches I got for less than £2 each, to view click here.

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