Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bikram Yoga

A few years ago I practiced Bikram Yoga. It was addictive. It changed my body, I was healthier,  more flexible I felt great. I stopped going due to a move and not having a studio within easy reach. However,  I am 5 minutes away from my local studio, a newly designed, spacious place that has lots of showers, actual lockers, drinking water, hairdryers, childcare facilities and a lounge area. I mention these thing with excitement because my previous place had little communal space, you had to wait to use a shower, there was no safe space to leave your belongings and when it was uber busy finding a spot to get changed was a nuisance. The directors of my new yoga location used to teach at my previous studio so they obviously realised peoples needs and added extras. Fantastic.
So enough about that. This is my journey of practicing yoga in an environment not too dissimilar to a steam room. My reason for this type of yoga, you may ask; I can loose weight fast in this environment,  it clears out unwanted toxins, it exercises the mind and body, it is a healthy way of life, low impact on joints and you get a cardio workout and well as improving flexibility.  One more thing, no two sessions are the same and this is the reason I keep going back for more.

Yesterday was my first day back in the studio after two years of being a coach potato.  I drank lots of water prior to the session, to avoid dehydration during practice and to avoid a pounding headache afterwards,  I should mention, make sure you have Gatorade or some other form of electrolytes to take after the session, it will help to reduce headaches. The headaches will go away after a few session, your body through all the sweating is getting rid of all the toxins which in turn can make your head hurt. I digress, I took ths first session very easy, ensuring I stayed in the room and I tried each pose. I came out of the practice, relieved,  energized yet tired. The best thing about Bikram yoga is you will always have a good nights sleep afterwards.

I will post pictures week by week as I progress. The plan is to practice 4 times a week and sign upto a 30 day challenge.  One thing at a time.


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