Sunday, June 16, 2013

We have landed in Vancouver

Beautiful British Columbia

The view from our hotel room

Best Maple Syrup ever

After an exhausting move out of the house in the UK we stayed at the at the Premiere Inn for a few nights and we received great customer service and the rooms were nice but the lack of an elevator was a big no, no since we had some very heavy cases to carry up one flight of stairs. We then stayed at the Marriott in Gatwick (the internet was very poor and very expensive and they would not give us a refund), the rooms were decent but smaller than the Premiere and I was not impressed by the quality of customer service at the Marriott and one night cost us the same amount as two nights at the previous hotel. I give Marriott a 4/10 because it is meant to be high quality and with that I expected attentive staff. Since my main job is sourcing hotels I would avoid this for my customers. 

We took the children to the National History Museum to see he dinosaurs and fossils and more importantly T-Rex. It was fantastic and the kids loved it and to spoil them rotten we took them to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner.

We traveled with Air Transat which in the past has been cheap and horrible and since we were travelling as a family it was the best way cost-wise, but the plane we were in was far superior and surprisingly comfortable. New TV in the back of chairs with lots of channels and games and the kids got a goody bag to keep them occupied plus a snack in it. I was lucky that we had the whole row to ourselves so my little one could stretch out and nap. Well done Air Transat for the vast improvement.

We have been in Vancouver for a few days and we will be moving into our new home tomorrow and we have a new car to collect today. Talking about purchasing a car, well I have never experienced such a rude, obnoxious sales manager in all my life (maybe I should get out more) if you are trying to sell a car as far as I am concerned and my experience has been you should negotiate. Well he thought his negotiation powers were far superior and basically came out to say our offer was ridiculous and his use of aggressive body language and tone was a real turn off. So the poor girl who had taken us on two test drives and spent time with us lost out on commission and the twat-of-a-sales manager lost out altogether. He misjudged us by using intimidation tactics, so we walked out pissed off but feeling satisfied that we did not purchase a vehicle from him.  This was at the Richmond Auto Mall at Volkswagon. So we decided to go somewhere closer to home, dealing with a more pleasant person whom was the Assistant Manager, so none of this middle-man crap and we got an upgrade of the same car, costing us about the same as the Richmond place and a longer 0% interest rate, and the other bonus being that we pick up the car the next day. 

If someone should try and put you down and make you feel inferior, walk away and find someone else who doesn't because you always get a better deal.

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