Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Raincity Vancouver

The weather has just broken, after a wonderful summer and a lovely night out with friends not only did I come home to a sodden kitchen floor from the leaking dishwasher as I took the bins out ready for the morning the rain tapped, tapped on my head. This means only one thing, we are about to have torrential rain but we need it, the whole of July has been hot, hot, hot and the grass is brittle and spiky, not much fun when you want to run around with naked feet. So here it is, the refreshing rain to replenish thirsty greenery and flowers and a much needed break from the heat.

And tonight is the Festival of Lights, where people from over the world come and show off their firework skills to music. Lets hope the drops of rain don't fizzle out the wicks.

I have posted a few pictures of recent events to remember how wonderful the summer period was in Vancouver.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bikram Friday

Since the move I have been a little inconsistent with posting so I hope to get back into a routine again and I am hoping Friday will be my yoga day but that may change to the weekend. For now though, Friday is the day for yoga updates.

It is week three of my yoga practice after the first week was non stop yoga I decided to slow it down to four or five times a week. This is working just find right now but once I am working back in an office and not from home it will probably reduce to three or four times a week. I have to look at it like this, to pay to go to Bikram yoga I need to earn money which means I have to work certain hours and fit in my life around it accordingly.

In three weeks I have had a arm reduction a tummy tuck and a bottom lift without having to spend thousands seeing a Dr and going under the knife. So yes, it can be done if the determination is there. I am amazed by how quickly your body can change and eating habits seem to adjust by craving healthier foods, listening to the body is important.

If you are trying to improve your life by some form of exercise let me know I would love to hear your story.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Greater Vancouver Zoo

The weather has been amazing and even my creamy coloured skin has managed to get a tan. Spending time at the beach, shell hunting, paddling and picnicing. Been to the Greater Vancouver Zoo and watched the big cats being fed. Going to see friends in Squamish (half way between Vancouver and Whistler) and kids playing with neighbours kids. All in all we are having one of the best summers we have ever had without having to spend money in hotels and resorts.

At the zoo we saw the black panther and we even got to handle the birds of prey, the owl I fed was beautiful and even though it looks so large it was so light to hold and my eldest daughter caught a baby kestrel in training. We saw crocodiles, snakes and lizards. Amazing time. The play area and picnic area was fantastic and the whole place is so clean and it is not too big to walk around, which is great when you have little kids. Bikes are available or you could bring your own along.

Sadly the hippos were out of the water by the time were toured the circuit by mini train and the zebras were in the shelter being fed so we did not see them but it gives us something to look forward to the next time we go.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Fun In British Columbia

Where do I start? We have been so busy since we moved out to Vancouver. It is perfectly set up with families in mind and the kids are having a blast. I have had a number of job interviews and more lined up, the kids have been to 4Cats doing amazing art work as shown below. We have been to water parks, to the beach and a planned visit to the zoo. The garden is now usable and we have partly built the 12 foot trampoline. The weather here is beautiful and hot and perfect for days where there is water.

Not sure where the next few weeks will take us but for now we are going to enjoy the moment.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Six Days of Bikram Yoga

I have been going to yoga since Saturday, six full days without a break. This Saturday however I did take the a day off, to be frank I needed a rest day, I felt a little uncomfortable and tired plus these hot days and nights have not helped with restful sleep. Sunday I returned to my practice and it was hot, mighty hot. I am getting more familiar with the instructors so I am noticing the ones who like to crank up the heat, the sympathetic ones and the ones who push you to the limits. My instructor today cranked up the heat and pushed but the energy in the room felt mushy and towards the end I think there was myself and one other who actually did the postures. It helps to have others in the room creating the flow of energy, whether they can do the posture or not is of no consequence but the trying is important, staying in the room is more important, it helps to drive the group to push harder and go beyond their limits but if the energy in the room is lacking then it is good practice to concentrate on yourself and look within you to drive yourself forward.

Not only is Bikram Yoga physical it is mental, some days are better than others no matter how strong you are, how long you have been practicing even the best can fall out of a pose if they are not concentrating or their body says slow down today. That is what I love about Bikram Yoga, no two days are the same, it is not seen as a bad thing if you can't do a pose that day, the only thing that matters is you made it into that hot, sweaty environment and got through the session.