Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Raincity Vancouver

The weather has just broken, after a wonderful summer and a lovely night out with friends not only did I come home to a sodden kitchen floor from the leaking dishwasher as I took the bins out ready for the morning the rain tapped, tapped on my head. This means only one thing, we are about to have torrential rain but we need it, the whole of July has been hot, hot, hot and the grass is brittle and spiky, not much fun when you want to run around with naked feet. So here it is, the refreshing rain to replenish thirsty greenery and flowers and a much needed break from the heat.

And tonight is the Festival of Lights, where people from over the world come and show off their firework skills to music. Lets hope the drops of rain don't fizzle out the wicks.

I have posted a few pictures of recent events to remember how wonderful the summer period was in Vancouver.

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