Friday, August 23, 2013

Bikram Friday - Vengeance is Mine

Hmmm! What can I say? Overall this week has sucked, it started off well but it went downhill from Tuesday night during Bikram yoga session. The owner of the studio was there; her session are pretty intense and I am not really ready for that right now, I can imagine it would put most new students off. Anyhow, I went to the session and boy was she pissed. The tone of the room was low and everyone found it hard to keep up during the standing section. We were all out of sync, some went ahead into the postures before she had started to instruct and some did not get into the postures at all, which made her deeply unhappy, I guess. She even accused me of moving into a posture too soon (the problem was that she was asking someone to take a shorter step and I thought she was talking to the class), too much talking from the instructor can be really confusing and off putting when you are concentrating and trying to focus on the words, particularly key words, so off I went into the pose; and she said I was doing it all the time, which was incorrect and I just smiled and thought, "fuck you lady".

She used to teach at another studio where I used to attend, before setting up her own. The difference with the two studios for me is location, cleanliness and the amount of space however the older studio had something the light airy studio does not, great tutors. The problem I am finding is they are too busy talking about their promotions and talking through savasna which is meant to be the time when you meditate and rejuvenate the body. Plus I am finding there is a lack of guidance, the older studio had great staff and they were good at pointing out your mistakes and focused on proper alignment, here I feel most tutors just talk. It is uninspiring. Having said that the older studio does not have the same staff when I used to go, so there will be no need for me to go back but lovely modern yoga studios does not mean the best place to practice.

You may have heard of instructors telling students not to drink during class, internally give them the finger and drink your drink if you need it. When you are in a sweaty heated room and it is hot outside too you need to hydrate. Luckily I have not had the pleasure of teachers who punish you by death should you choose to break their rule because lets face it, what can they do? Throw you out of class? I would like to see them try, the reputation will be such that no one goes back.

Despite my crappy week so far I will continue through until I have lost the weight I want and I would like to get into other types of yoga. I give myself until Christmas.

On a side note, I also had a job interview with a well known yoga company, it did not go too well. The energy and the enthusiasm I was looking for was not at their head office. I felt like I was filled with people of self-importance which I do not expect in the yoga arena at all. I can tell you now, for all the yoga skeptics out there yoga folks are not hippy, tree hugging, loving vegans some have a self-centered inner peace that no one can touch! Hmmm! I want to laugh at this statement but instead I snigger.  I may find myself reevaluating this accusation but for now this is how I feel.

I have been fulfilled with disappointment on many levels this week and I look to a positive future.

Namaste - I suppose.

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