Friday, August 2, 2013

Bikram Yoga Friday

Ok so I did not stick to my Bikram yoga plan last week but this week I will. Here is my post:

I only went to yoga three times last week but I was doing other exciting things that made it impossible for me to go, however I like to go at least three times if not four when possible. I can tell you now that my body is changing, my waist is appearing and I have shape to my legs, I am also eating a lot better and taking in more water which is a huge shift for me. I love my food but I am eating more bean salads, less take-out food and processed food and eating less red meat.

Unfortunately after a very hot and uncomfortable session on Monday of this week, I was wiped out half way through the session, it was so hot but I pushed myself and did all the poses, I got home and chilled for the night. Next day I woke up with a burning sensation on my back and when I looked in the mirror I noticed a huge rash had appeared across my entire top half of my back but one area was red and soar and looked like I had burnt it. I don't sit for hours in the sun because I burn so easily and prefer to stay pale than look like a lobster therefore I knew I had not burnt my back from sun exposure. The next day was even worse, the skin was going brown from where there was little skin and a it was a little weepy, getting hot and sweaty made the situation worse. On a hot summer day it is hard not to get hot and sweaty. So I chose some cream in the cupboard that is anti-fungal. My thought was that my mat was not clean enough and bacteria could be forming, even though I had cleaned it a few days earlier. I bought some tea tree oil so that I could dilute it and spray on the mat to keep it clean from bacteria. I am hoping this will work, this is what I used to do.

Now I can't go to yoga until it has cleared up which is very disappointing. I may have to get a new mat if it happens again, if its not the mat then the heat from the yoga could be aggravating my skin which has never happened before and I will not be too happy if this is the case.

Has anyone else experienced this before?

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