Friday, August 16, 2013

Bikram Yoga Friday

I am happy to report that I went to yoga two days in a row and I plan to go over the weekend unlike last weekend when I did not go at all, terrible I know. The breaks in between have however helped tremendously. I have found that my body responds well when I return, and I cope much better in class, nonetheless I do intend to go five times a week so that I can loose weight and get more into a routine, very hard to do until the kids go back to school. Even though the yoga center has child care, it is on certain times and late in the evening, if it was during the day time during school holidays I would probably go more often and it also give the kids a break from the home. Regardless, Wednesday night's session was much improved, I can stretch much deeper into the postures which I am thrilled about. I can move up to the front of the class so I can see myself in the mirror and it also motivates me to push harder because newbies tend to watch those at the front since we have been coming more often.

My intention is to sign up to a 30 day challenge as long as I can fit it in with the kids schedule, my needs no longer come first. Having a happy mum, means a happy home so its best that I go ;).


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