Friday, August 9, 2013

Bikram Yoga Friday

I was back into yoga this week. I am non of the wiser as to why my back got red and soar but I am glad it has not come back. I have been back to yoga twice this week and I hope to go at least once if not twice over the weekend.

I have made much improvement with my yoga, some of the postures I can get into fully some of them I am close to getting it right. My waistline is visible and my bottom has shrunk which is always a good thing, lol. I do not weigh myself nor use a tape measure I judge it by looking at myself in the mirror and assessing how my clothes fit me. I find it less depressing this way, as we are constantly being bombarded with what weight we should be for our height and what sized clothes we should be in but in reality, our muscle mass may be heavier, our body frames may be smaller, I do not want to put myself into a category where by my body does not suit that perfect size of clothing or weight, besides dress designers labels differ to a varying degree, which I find irritating. I judge it by the way I feel and see myself, it can be quite powerful, we are our own worse critics.

My nutrition has much improved particularly after watching some documentaries on how some foods are processed. I was mortified however to discover that a test tube beef burger may make its way into the food change. Shocked even that someone ate it. Our bodies are not set up for GM foods, they can barely cope with the food that is packaged. I may go into that in more details in a later post but these documentaries I saw on Netflix would alarm many people.

All in all, a good week with yoga and my much improved eating habits.


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