Thursday, August 15, 2013

Books worth reading?


I have a list as long as my arm of books to read but instead of reaching into my pockets I am visiting the library. Knowing what I am like with books, I will read several at a time and get part way through a book and never pick it up again unless it is interesting. 

So, I walked to the self-help section. I have to admit that I am embarrassed going into this self-help section. It really is targeted towards women and the words 'self-help' conjure up needy women looking for away to improve themselves so they can find the perfect suitor. I wish they would re-word it to something like, 'Increase Performance', 'Empowerment'. Thoughts?

The Secret has an eye catching cover but I failed to get through to the second chapter, if there is one, I mean, I am not sure I can spend precious time of my life reading something I find uninformative. Perhaps I have missed the point on this one or I need to read more...Anyway, I may try and pick this one up again or I may just place it into the return slot. 

The Power of A Positive No is very interesting. It is well written, easy to understand language, not blinding the reader with intellectual dialect. It has real stories and details of situations that everyone has been through at some stage, even the author goes through his experience negotiating very difficult situations which many of us never have to go through but it is interesting to hear how saying the right or wrong thing in order to get the answer can make or break a deal. Well worth a read for a housewife to a CEO.

Do It Anyway, I have yet to read this, I have been putting it off, partly because The Power of A Positive No has been more appealing. Ironic really, considering the book is called Do It Anyway - I think.

One book I would like to read but not spend money on is the Happiness Project. The only problem I have with this book and from the reviews I have read, is the author has no financial worries. Most people who want to read self-help books, I believe have some sort of money concerns perhaps mixed up with other emotions, (I am generalizing here, I have no stats to back this up). 

Certainly I look to read these books to improve myself in many ways, or learn some lessons for the work place which includes increasing my financial stability in some form or other. Sadly money does not live on trees and to keep a roof over ones head, money is necessary. Trying to improve oneself is a worth cause to spend time reading books.

Do you have any books that you think are worthy reads?

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