Thursday, August 1, 2013

Goal Setting Lululemon Style

Some years ago, back in 2009 I set myself 1, 5 and 10 years worth of goals and you can find my list here: Goals. I used the Lululemon plan to help me along the way, you can find a printable sheet on their site. I quite like it since you can have your goals in front of you to see each day.

Yesterday I decided it was time to review my list and see where I am 4 years on. First of all I decided to print off the sheet from the Lululemon site and do an entirely new list. I wanted to see if my ideas, plans had changed in some small or significant way and why my plans had changed. I asked myself: Did I accomplish any of my goals? Did things change in my life that I had to reevaluate my plans? What goals still remain and do I need to change them or stick to them?

I am still working on my goals. It is not easy to start writing them down but once you start with the small things it becomes easier. So here are some of my new goals:

1 Year Plan
Photoshop course
Writing course
Drop a few dress sizes
Eat well
Yoga practice
Ski with family
Have my own creative space
Start retirement plan and leave it alone
Take a vacation
Be in my dream job
Grow a small plot of vegetables

5 Year Plan
Continue with yoga, try something new
Own my own forever home
Canadian citizenship
Retirement plan in place
Take holidays with family
Grow my own food

10 Year Plan
Paid mortgage
Increase retirement fund

I have yet to elaborate and expand on them but you get the idea. I think it is important to share your goals. The support of a community can help towards them. I will work on them more and share a new post soon.

Do you have goals you want to share?

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