Thursday, August 8, 2013

Goal Setting


Since my last goal setting blog here I have added a few more to the list. The one thing I am struggling with is the career section. Since leaving school as a 16 year old my plans are somewhat different to now, just as well because the industry I had planned to go into was not all that lucrative and some years later a number of independent businesses went out of business because of the change in laws. So off I went to university and studied business and thought I would go into marketing or HR, I tried HR and it was not the area I wanted to be. Now I work in social media which I enjoy but it is not the field I want to be in since I do not find the products interesting what I think I would love to do is social media for a retail company in fashion, interiors, cosmetics or something similar. Products that interest me in turn I can engage the audience with my enthusiasm.

Having been through some recently grueling interviews and then finding the jobs have been put on hold, which is disheartening but I am not to be discouraged because the next interview will be easier and other opportunities will arise which may be the perfect fit. I see this as an opportunity. I have always taken jobs because I need the money opposed to wanting to work for that particular company so perhaps while I have the time and able to look for something of interest to me I can get what it is that I am looking for. Notice how I use interest a lot, I think that says I want to be in a industry that I like.

Now that I have some more free time I am spending it in the library, reading non-fiction books about women in business, negotiation skills, practicing saying no positively. I never thought I would read such books but looking back on it I wish I had read them before I started work after university because there is so much to learn in a job and politics to navigate and frustration to overcome. It is best to know how to handle these situations, as a youngster in the head office of a large retail company, I made many mistakes handled situations naively and got emotional quite easily. That has all changed now, for the better; no one wants to see someone teary when they are getting criticized or angry because things did not go their way. By the way, reading more is one of my goals.

I am also practicing my writing skills, again, this is one of my goals. So that I can structure my work better. I know I go off on tangents and can be erratic and also mix my tenses. Yoga practice is ongoing, I know some Brits think yoga a bit, how can I say it? Spiritual, hockey pockey, vegan eating hippies. It is not like that at all. I can attest it is one of the best exercises I have ever done, I have ran long distance, played hockey, mountain biking etc but this is one of the most challenging in terms of flexibility and strength building, it impacts less on the joints too and feel so relaxed and happy afterwards.

Here is my updated list:

1 Year Plan
Photoshop course
Writing course
Drop a few dress sizes
Eat well
Yoga practice
Ski with family
Have my own creative space
Start retirement plan and leave it alone
Take a vacation
Be in my dream job
Grow a small plot of vegetables

30 Day Yoga Challenge
Grouse Grind

5 Year Plan
Continue with yoga, try something new - Vinyasa yoga
Own my own forever home
Canadian citizenship
Retirement plan in place
Take holidays with family
Grow my own food
60 Day Yoga Challenge

10 Year Plan
Paid off mortgage
Increase retirement fund

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