Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recent Lululemon Purchases

Here are a few purchases I made recently to add to my collection of Lululemon items. I will post my own pictures of my old and new clothing and accessories some point soon. For now, these pictures are from the Lululemon Canadian site.

The Loop it Strap is so handy and easy to navigate on and off the mat. My cheaper alternative strap had velcro fastening and even though it was easy to use I did not like how it attached, you had to be so specific that the velcro matched each end in a certain way. This strap is fantastic, no fuss, nice and thick and a pretty colour too.

Loop It Up Mat Strap
Picture by Lululemon: loop it mat strap

The No Limits Top is so light weight and nice and long that hangs below or on the waist line depending where you want the band to lie. I have the black top with the crimson bra top (it matches the strap above). I love this top for Bikram Yoga, it lies nicely on my hips and does not move throughout the postures so I have no need to worry that it will fall when I am in an inverted pose. It is light enough that it feels like you are barely wearing it and does not stick to you when in a sweaty classroom. It washes lovely and considering I have worn it almost all the time I go to Bikram and I also wash each and every time I have had no problems with it at all. I hope they keep this one because I hope to buy more in the near future. 

No Limits Tank
Picture by Lululemon: No Limits Top

I love my Lululemon purchases. Next purchase I hope to get is The Mat. I need a new one!

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