Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bioderma is in Canada

The much raved about Bioderma is in Canada, yeah! Used by professional make up artists. Highly rated by those who know their make up and are in the industry too.

I am not sure how long it has been in my local pharmacy, I do know you can buy it in stores in the UK, I think April as of this year. I wanted to pop over to France earlier in the year, (I love Paris) and whilst there go and stock up in Bioderma but I was unable to but as luck would have it I needn't have worried. 

The cleanser is amazing, it wipes off make-up no problem and you do not have to wash the cleanser off if you are feeling lazy. I can be very lazy when it comes to taking make up off at night, so this is an added bonus.

Cleanser for sensitive skin

Anti-red moisturizer.

I also bought myself the anti-red moisturizer. It is silky smooth when applied leaving a soft texture. I only bought it today so I can not review it properly but I will post an update in a week or so time. My skin gets dry, red and patchy during the cold season, I was advised this would be great for my sensitive skin.

Bioderma has a number of products that you can check out on their website or go to your local Shoppers Drug Mart there is a good selection to choose from in store.   

I am thrilled that this product has expanded outside of France.

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